Greyhound racing is popular throughout Australia. After a greyhound’s racing career is over, however, they’re often forgotten. That’s why greyhound rescue organisations can be found across Australia. These organisations rehabilitate retired racing greyhounds, then give them away to loving homes. Is a greyhound the right choice for your next dog? Find out today as we learn 10 surprising facts about greyhounds.

Greyhounds Are One of the Oldest Breeds of DogsGreyhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world today. They originated in the Middle East and North Africa, where they were prized by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Their slim form and short hair gave them an advantage over longer-haired dog breeds in the hot climate. The ancient Romans, ancient Greeks, and Dark Age Europeans are just a few of the cultures that left a written record of their admiration for greyhounds.
Greyhounds Were One of the First Dog Breeds Recognised By the American Kennel ClubWay back in 1885, greyhounds were one of the first dog breeds recognised by the American Kennel Club. Greyhounds were first brought to the Americas by Spanish and English explorers, who used the dogs to chase coyotes and jackrabbits across the wide open spaces of the New World.
Greyhounds Aren’t as Energetic As You ThinkGreyhounds are often nicknamed “40mph couch potatoes”. Yes, greyhounds are very fast dogs when they’re moving, but they’re also one of the more relaxed dog breeds. Don’t be surprised when your greyhound enjoys lying around the house for much of the day.
Owners Need to Establish Themselves as the AlphaAll dogs are pack animals, but greyhounds are especially strong pack animals. A good greyhound owner needs to establish himself or herself as the alpha to ensure good behavior.
Greyhounds Are Very Easy to Groom, But They Do ShedMany owners are surprised to learn that greyhounds shed at all. Yes, greyhounds shed, although they shed very lightly. Their thin hair also makes them extremely easy to groom.
Greyhounds Are Popular In Households with Allergy ProblemsAre you or a housemate sensitive to allergens? A greyhound may be the right choice for you. Because of their short hair and relative lack of shedding, greyhounds are popular in households with allergy problems.
Keep your Greyhound Out of the Hot SunThe thin fur and slim bodies of greyhounds makes them susceptible to extreme weather. As Australians, we don’t really have to worry about the extreme cold, but we do have to worry about the hot sun. Keep your greyhound cool during hot days, and avoid spending a lot of time outdoors on hot summer days.