Photo Credit: Jesus Vivas via Compfight cc
​Wearables aren’t just for humans any more. Today, pet owners are buying all sorts of high tech toys for their furry companions. Here are some of the things you may want to consider buying your cat or dog this Christmas season:


Yes, that’s right: there’s a FitBit-like device for dogs. The FitBark keeps track of your dog’s daily activity and sleep patterns, then sends the data via Bluetooth to an app on your phone.
The FitBark knows how dirty and messy your dog can get: that’s why it’s waterproof and securely mounted on the collar. Plus, each charge lasts two weeks.
How much activity and sleep is the right amount for your dog? If you’re like most dog owners, you probably have no idea. That’s why FitBark has a useful feature where you can compare your dog’s activity level and sleep patterns to other dogs of the same age and breed.
Just like with a real FitBit, you can also set activity goals and track your dog’s progress.
The FitBark ships worldwide and is priced at $84.95 USD.


Contrary to what you might believe, the iFetch is not made by Apple. Instead, the iFetch is a great tech toy for lazy dog owners (or owners with especially energetic dogs).
You load the iFetch up with balls, and then the device shoots that ball 3, 7, or 10 meters away. A single charge lasts for 30 hours, so your dog should be entertained long after you lose interest.
There are two different versions of the iFetch, including one for small to midsized dogs ($115 USD) and another for midsize to large dogs ($199.99), with the larger one launching bigger balls as well as standard tennis balls.

Whistle Pet Tracker

Don’t want to lose your pet ever again? The Whistle pet tracker might be your best bet. This pet tracker tracks your dog via GPS and then sends that data to your mobile device.
Oh, and it also functions sort of like the FitBark: for times when your pet hasn’t broken out of your house, you can still use Whistle as a pet activity tracker.
One of the most helpful parts of Whistle is receiving customized alerts on your phone. If your pet leaves a designated area around your house, for example, you can get an instant notification saying “Bruce has left his Whistle Zone”.


SureFlap relies on the microchip that may have already been implanted inside your pet. There are actually two SureFlap devices.
First, there’s a doggy door that will only open when it reads your pet’s microchip. If the microchip isn’t found, then the dog can’t get into the house. There’s also an option to restrict some pets indoors, while others can go in and out through the same door.
Second, SureFlap makes a SureFeed pet feeder. That feeder only opens when the right pet walks by – so if you have multiple pets who always eat the other’s food, then this is an easy solution.