Automatic cat litter boxes sound like a fantastic invention: your cat can enjoy a clean litter box, and you never have to clean it. What’s not to like? Thanks to smart technology, automatic cat litter boxes are becoming increasingly popular for Australian cat owners. Is an automatic cat litter box the right choice for your home? Here are 5 things to consider before making a purchase, including 3 pros and 2 cons. 

ProsYou Don’t Have to Clean Litter Boxes AnymoreThe first and most important benefit of an automatic cat litter box is that your litter box cleaning days are (mostly) over.
It’s true: automatic litter boxes automatically detect when your cat does its business, then dispose of the feces in a safe way. You don’t have to scoop litter ever again.
This is one reason why automatic litter boxes are popular in households with multiple cats. If you find yourself scooping multiple times a day, or if you just don’t like scooping at all (who does?), then automatic litter boxes are a huge help.
It’s Easier to Leave your Cat at HomeAnother benefit of automatic litter boxes is that it’s easier to travel away. When you combine an automatic litter box with an automatic cat feeder and water fountain, you can safely leave your cat at home for extended periods of time (obviously, you should still periodically check your cat, or have a friend check in).
Some cat owners fully embrace smart technology and add a remote camera into their home. You can view these cameras from your smartphone and other internet-connected devices, which means you can check on your cat from wherever you are.
Whether you’re going away for the weekend or you work long hours, it’s easy to leave your cat at home with an automatic litter box.
Odor Isn’t an Issue AnymoreNobody likes smelling nasty cat poop odors around the house. Automatic litter boxes are a guaranteed way to cut down on odors – especially if you have trouble keeping up with cleaning the litter box, or if you have multiple cats.
ConsYou Still Have to Handle Cat PoopAn automatic litter box isn’t fully automated. These litter boxes deposit cat poop into a bin. You line that bin with a bag, then remove the bag when it’s full. Obviously, this is still easier than scooping every day.
Some Cats Don’t Like Automatic Litter BoxesMost cats will use the automatic litter box just like they use their normal litter box. Some cats, however, take a while to adjust. Some don’t like the weird sounds the automatic litter box makes. Other cats don’t like the smell. Some cats will refuse to use it for some reason you’ll never know.
In any case, be prepared for an adjustment period if you buy your cat an automatic litter box.