As adorable and innocent-looking as kittens are, they require a lot of patience and nurturing to ensure they don’t bite or scratch you while playing. This is inevitable because many pet owners must still learn their cat’s temperament and when they have had enough play. They will also be teething, which can become irritating and putting something in their mouth is the only way to scratch that itch. Training a cat to stop these behaviours is important at an early age, and with the following tips you can ensure your kitten grows up to be a good-natured cat: 
  • Every time your kitten comes to you to play, pet him or her so long as they are comfortable with it, and no longer. If they are sensitive in an area, their claws and teeth will be out in no time, because they have no other way of communicating when they don’t want something. 
  • Cats are born hunters, and they will never lose this trait. Give them a toy that they are allowed to bite, so every time they come to you with an aggressive look in their eye, you can pass them that toy.
  • As cute as it is when they bite your clothes, do not let kittens do this as they will reach a point where they do not differentiate between biting your jeans and biting your leg. A clap with a firm “NO” should be used every time they do this. 
  • Never hit, shout or lose your temper with your cat, as they will become confused and nervous, which will lead to them avoiding you completely. Instead, try using a water spray and use it every time they want to hurt you. 
  • A friendly cat will generally understand a “time-out”. If bad behaviour persists, leave the cat alone for 10-15 minutes so they know that biting and scratching doesn’t mean more playtime. 

These tips combined will help your cat become more well-mannered and docile. Kittens must learn from an early age that these behaviours are not acceptable and that they can be dangerous to both people and other cats. 

Photo Credit: miss insomnia tulip via Compfight cc