Photo Credit: Jenn and Tony Bot via Compfight cc
There is something endearing about a heroic tale. From the ancient Greeks who besieged Troy to modern drivers of social justice like Martin Luther King Junior, we seem to hold the people who champion others in a particularly high esteem. This is all good and well but what about the animal heroes who are often forgotten? Sure we have our fictionalised accounts of their acts of bravery but there are quite a few instances of demonstrated bravery in the animal kingdom.

To celebrate these great warriors and purveyors of justice, the team here at Concord Vets has collected a few videos of heroic animals in action.
Hero Kitty Helps Dog Escape

First up, we have this lovely little black cat who sees a dog in need. Always a purveyor of freedom and justice, the kitty paws underneath the doorway until the hole is big enough to fit the pooch’s head through. Whilst the plan is making some headway, he cleverly comes up with a way to get the dog out of the hole in the door. The kitty climbs into the enclosure and pushes the pooch out by the backside. After the dog scrapes through the hole, both make a break for it – free to enjoy the world uninhibited by high walls and obstructive gates!

Dolphins Protect Diver from Hammerhead Shark

Although we certainly don’t want to propagate the myth that shark attacks are common at all – to put it into context there have been 569 fatal unprovoked shark attacks since 1580 – there is a self-reported case of an individual allegedly avoiding an attack thanks to his dolphin friends. In the video, the shark doesn’t appear to be being aggressive at all. Instead, he seems a little curious and ventures closer, which triggers an aggressive response from the dolphins that swarm him and scare him off. Perhaps it is important to remember that heroes and villains are created through context. Maybe the hammerhead isn’t such a bad guy after all. What do you think?

Gorilla Saves a Life

A 5 year old boy falls into an enclosure with a giant silverback gorilla and the worst is assumed. People often think of wild animals as unpredictable, instinctual and violent. This assessment has been great for our own survival throughout the ages but when it comes to the other great apes, they can often have complex social structures and a level of cognition that allows them to solve problems. In this instance, the gorilla holds back the other animals in the enclosure and protects the child until staff are able to hoist him to safety. Whilst the greatest caution should be exercised when dealing with wild animals, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a creature that is potentially quite intelligent and both of you would be interested in survival. The video cuts away to archive footage of how humans treated gorillas when modern man first ventured into the jungles of Africa. Sadly, the tale is of kidnap and violence, not unlike how colonists would have treated indigenous human populations in the past.