In our previous article we talked about the delightful dog, Xena Warrior Puppy being awarded Dog of the Year.This time, Koshka (Russian for cat) is in the limelight as she has been awarded Cat of the Year by the ASPCA. This impressive kitty is no stranger to awards having also won the Diamond Collar Hero Award from Oregan Human Society earlier this year. 
Photo Credit: wbaiv via Compfight cc

Koshka the cat and his owner, Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott represent a bond that can only be felt between a human and an animal. Knott was serving in Afghanistan when he met Koshka. He noticed that Koshka was being regularly abused and tormented by people near Knott’s military base. One day, he found Koshka limping as one of his paws were injured. Knott then and there decided to take care of Koshka and set up a small space for him in his cramped office on base. Having only known hatred and maltreatment from humans, it was a surprise to Knott that Koshka grew extremely attached to him. 


Sadly, a short time after adoping Koshka, some of Knott’s close military friends perished in a suicide bomber attack. Sinking into a state of depression and overwhelming grief, Knott seriously contemplated suicide. Knott has commented that at the time, “I’d lost hope in myself. I’d lost faith.” Koshka, sensing something was wrong, promptly came over to console Knott and wouldn’t leave his side.