For any person who has owned a pet there is a time when you fear you may have lost them. You call and call them to come from their intricate hiding place in the yard/street/house… unfortunately they do not seem to appear! You freak out even more and start scouring the neighbourhood for your treasured pet. You may be lucky and your pet pops up again a few hours later unscatched. Or they are located by a friendly neighbour/vet in the area who contact you to say they have your missing pet. Other times… something more sinister may have occurred.. such as your pet has indeed fled the coop or been kidnapped (it happens). To help keep a watchful eye on your pet, RSPCA has developed a  Pet GPS Tracking system called the TrakaPet! You’ll now be able to locate your pet anywhere at anytime.
Photo Credit: GK’s-world via Compfight cc
TrakaPet utilises GPS technology and mobile technology to bring you a highly practical tracking device for your pet. When you first obtain a TrakaPet, you just need to insert an active sim card into the device. Whenever you text the letter “C” to the device, you then receive a google maps link (via sms or push message) that reveals the location of your pet. You can also configure a ‘Safe Zone’ for your pet. If your pet somehow maneuvers himself/herself outside the safety net, you will be notified immediately. Once alerted you can swiftly arrange your pet’s return back to their secure environment and also keep on an eye on their whereabouts. 
This novel gadget is small and secure with measurements of 45 mm x 34.5 mm x 21 mm. Any pet owner will will have no problem attaching the Trakapet to your pet’s collar. The TrakaPet package comes equipped with a bonus protective case, USB computer cable and detailed instruction manual.

TrakaPet is available for purchase from WorldforPets. The TrakaPet is not exactly cheap coming in at $249 for the unit. We suppose that if this product ensures you never go through the emotional anguish of losing a much loved pet then it would be worth every penny!