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Imagine the scenario where your veterinarian tells you your pet is suffering from a debilitating painful disorder and that the best option is he/she be put to sleep. You say your tearful goodbyes to your beloved pet and try to continue on with your life. Several months later, out of the blue, you find that your pet is very much alive and not sick in the slightest. This is what happened to the Harris family  in Texas, USA and her Leonberger, Sid. 

The story began around April last year when Harris had taken Sid for a check up by Dr Tierce at his veterinary clinic in Forth Worth, Texas. Sid underwent treatment for a minor anal gland issue but was having a rather difficult recovery. By October 2013, Sid was barely able to lift his hind legs and was dragging his body on the ground. Dr Tierce, at the time, diagnosed Sid with suffering from a congenital spine disorder and told the tearful Harris family that Sid should be put down so he wouldn’t be in any more pain. The Harris’s accepted Sid’s fate and left Dr Tierce believing he had carried out the euthansia.

Lo and behold, at the end of April this year, Mrs Marian Harris received a call from Mary Brewer, a former employee of Dr Tierce’s. Brewer informed Mrs Harris that Sid was actually still alive and being held in a small cage at the back of the clinic. The horrific reason for this? Dr Tierce was using him as a blood bank for other pet operations at his clinic!

Harris subsequently marched down to the clinic and angrily confronted Dr Tierce. She forced her way into the backroom to find her poor Leonberger, Sid, trapped in a rusty filthy metal cage covered in his own urine and faeces.  Mrs Harris was overwhelmed with emotion and ecstatic to see her beloved pooch again. Mrs Harris immediately took Sid to another veterinary clinic in the area for treatment. They were happy to find out that Sid was in good physical health apart from his ideal. Furthermore, he was not suffering from any form of disorder or disease. Dr Tierce had lied to them completely about Sid’s condition. Sid is currently recovering with his loving family back at his humble abode.

What about Dr Tierce then? Well Fort Worth Police and Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners were also informed of Dr Tierce’s malpractice of animals and they raided his clinic shortly after Harris. The Police and Medical Examiners ended up removing two more dogs from the veterinary clinic for further check ups. Dr Tierce was arrested and the justice system are determining whether he will be charged for animal abuse. 


This kind of story is almost enough to give all veterinarians a bad reputation. But this is simply not the case. All of us at Concord Veterinary Hospital are absolutely devoted to animals and we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of quality personal care to all our furry patients. What we strongly advise is if you are unsure of a veterinarian, research their reviews carefully and seek recommendations from fellow pet owners for further guidance. If you have any questions or need advice on any pet related matter, please give us a call or drop by our clinic.