Photo Credit: Nelo Hotsuma via Compfight cc
Does your dog have extrasensory perception? Some people believe their canine friends can read their minds. It is not a hidden secret to any pet owner that their pet is not only responsive but also compassionate. There are countless stories about pet dogs and cats that made an incredible journey reunite with their owners. However, the question is, do you have a pet with a sixth sense? 
Dogs have high sensory powers with highly developed hearing and smell senses. Dogs can hear something many feet away with their four times stronger and powerful sense of hearing. Did you know your dog can listen to the sound of a pin dropped on the floor? Dog’s sense of smelling is forty times larger than the sense of a human. Some breeds can have around three hundred million scent glands. Our canine companions are capable of sensing fear, detecting explosives or drugs, and they can feel the changes in barometric pressure that makes them able to see into the future.

According to pet psychologists, animals have also evolved like the human species. Dogs are good at reading non-verbal communication between them and their owners. Dogs can interpret human eye movement, and they can know if you are upset. Unfamiliar people can upset our dog same as children, and they can understand human emergencies or detect illnesses.

So, your dog may have some jaw-dropping abilities but the most important thing is that you two have developed a strong bond. Can your canine friend develop an emotional recognition and if so maybe it can help in protecting your life or saving any of your loved one from injuries?

Can you understand what your pet dog or cat is thinking? A pet psychic can communicate with your pet and explain this to you. You may be surprised to know that you can develop telepathic connections with your pet.

Pet psychics can be helpful to learn why your pet is behaving inappropriately, and you can also take the help of a psychic to find your lost pet. You do not need to be a clairvoyant to know if your pet is not well or not responding in a usual manner.  Simple observation is all you need to read whether Fido is off his food or is miserable. No doubt your neighbors will also inform you when this happens by complaining the dog has barked nonstop all day while you have been away.

If this barking happens, it may be a sign of separation anxiety and needs to be addressed quickly to avoid ill-feeling between you and the neighbors.  Take a close look at your dog. If it does not lack food, has toys to amuse it and much attention from you when you get home, then you need to take steps to stop this annoying behavior quickly. Sometimes another dog for company may stop the behavior. Otherwise, you can consult a pet clinic for advice. They can suggest measures to put to stop or negate these unacceptable goings-on.