Photo Credit: armsultan via Compfight cc
We had a feeling the story about restaurants devoted to pet’s wouldn’t end with our earlier article, pet deli in Germany.  Another craze making waves is Cat Cafe’s. This concept which originally began in Japan, involves a typical cafe charging clients a set fee to consume a hot beverage and also interact with cats at the same time. Over 150 cat cafes have opened in Japan in recent years and they are a huge hit with both tourists and residents.
It is no wonder that cat cafes have become immensely popular in cities like Japan.  Many people reside in apartments major cities where they are not allowed to have pets or they may not have the time to care for one. These cat cafes provide people the chance to interact with vibrant cats anytime of the week in a safe and fun environment. In a nutshell, it gives them a regular dose of affection from a furry friend! We are all aware that pets are associated with improving our moods and overall well being (why else do we get a pet), so at least apartment owners are no longer deprived. 
If you are paranoid about picking up a disease or illness from the cats, you can stress less as the cat cafe’s in Japan usually adhere to strict hygiene regulations.  Usual rules include patrons are required to remove their shoes and wear cafe provided slippers and wash their hands thoroughly before any interactions with the cats. Furthermore, the cats are regularly washed and checked for any ailments. 

Luckily for cat enthusiasts, we do not have to venture all the way to Japan to encounter a cat cafe as this phenomenon appears to be spreading worldwide. A cat cafe has recently opened in Paris, and it is definitely on the cards in San Francisco and Melbourne (hooray!). Having a coffee and being able to pat a sweet feline on our break? We would not pass this option up! Go forth and propser cat cafes!!