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There is no doubt in the fact that veterinary medicine is more sophisticated today than it was ever before. From farmers acting as midwives for horses to high tech equiline hospitals, animal care has come a long way. Let’s look at the finer details of pet care and how various environmental factors affect the upbringing and general welfare of pets.

Stay Connected With Your Four-Legged Buddy

Keeping pets is a real joy. It’s like you have a family member who is ready to play with you, keep you company, sit by you as you get drunk, party hard or mope in solitude and above all, play Frisbee by the beach side and jog with you in the early mornings. A dog is a man’s best friend for these very reasons. If you have a nine-to-five job and you get anxious about your pets while you are away, get a home security system. These systems are wireless and can be connected to a laptop or a Smartphone very easily. You can check in on your dog’s activity throughout the day remotely.

Get an in-home webcam and sign up for the remote lock mechanisms so that you are sure of your pet’s safety at all times. These security systems can also help you solve the mystery of lost, missing or chewed out shoes and socks. Who knows you might uncover the hiding spot and discover lost household items?


Is Your Pet Suffering From Separation Anxiety?

Cats and dogs tend to get anxious when left on their own for long hours during the day. An anxious dog does all kinds of stuff to relieve stress- chewing on the couch, drooling, pacing, anorexia, biting your new leather shoes, peeing on the carpet, scratching the doors and barking incessantly are only some of the stress markers. In the long run, the poor creature may get irritable, lose appetite and in some cases, may start biting. Pets crave company- they want someone to play with at all times. To keep them happy and for their general wellbeing, vets advise pet owners to keep dogs in pairs or to get enough toys and treats to keep them busy.

Get Pet Chat App

With the new PetChatz application, you can also talk to your pets while you monitor them. How about feeding them with a treat remotely too? All that and more is possible with this awesome app. Now, the next time you’re on an errand run, traveling or going to school, you won’t ever miss your pet as the remote Internet router allows you to talk to them and watch them while you work.  

iCpooch is also one such device that allows you to connect with your pet remotely. The device also has a mounting bracket that can be adjusted to allow video chatting with your pet. So, never again will you have to worry about Fido being hungry or getting anxious without you, you can call him a good boy, talk to him, feed him a treat and make sure that he does not suffer from separation anxiety. There is storage room inside the device that can hold 13 different sizes of dog treats.   

Is your Dog Obsessive Compulsive?

Pets, when not taken care of properly, develop mental problems. The most common one being Canine compulsive disorder (CCD). This is typical dog behavior sometimes- A dog that has CCD starts repeating a particular action. Tail chasing, running after shadows, licking and nipping at errant flies are some common signs of CCD. This disorder gets worse when the dog is under stress or simply bored.

You can discuss the matter with your vet to get anti-anxiety medication for your dog. Creating a consistent environment also helps keep the dog calm.

Excessive Fears and Phobias

Dogs, sometimes, react violently to external stimuli such as strange noises, loud sounds. They shiver, drool, pant, turn aggressive or become inactive. Why does this happen? It has something to do with genetics and evolution. Animals associate harsh sounds with risk of injury or threat which is why they react so violently. Most dogs are afraid of thunderstorms; they tend to pace and bark. In such situations, you need to calm them and desensitize them gradually. In severe cases, anxiolytic drugs may be administered strictly under the vet’s orders only. Counter conditioning training alongside also proves to be highly efficient in solving this problem.

When your dog is sick or showing some kind of abnormal behavior, seek professional help. Advice is like belly button- everyone has one so stick to a certified vet for an authentic diagnosis and a solid assessment plan. The next time, your cat, dog, rabbit, snake or baby dragon falls sick, visit your nearest vet clinic. It might be a good idea to get your pets insured because animal care, like everything else these days, does not come cheap.