Photo Credit: mr.l via Compfight cc
Ever forgot to finish a school assignment on time and claimed your dog ate your homework? This excuse is the oldest trick in the book and probably nowadays your teacher would expect a better excuse then that! Although… what happens if your dog did in fact eat your homework? This actually happened to Payton Moody whose pet laborador, Reggie, decided to take it upon himself to consume her entire Science project. 

For Science class, Payton built a chocolate candy volcano which was held together by metal pins. She preferred to use metal pins instead of hot glue as she was afraid her brother might injure himself with the glue gun. She underestimated her bushy tale friend from having an interest in the volcano though.

After returning from a sports event, Payton returned to her room to find her masterpiece missing from her work table. There were remnants of the volcano scattered on the floor and she realised that Reggie had eaten everything.. including the metal pins!

Reggie was quickly rushed to a nearby vet clinic for emergency treatment. An X-ray of Reggie’s stomach showed that there were almost 50 straight pins lodged in there. Most of them were able to be removed by endoscopy and pulled out via Reggie’s throat. How appetising!  A few of the remaining pins had to be taken out through surgical means. 

Although chocolate is particularly toxic to dogs, Reggie seems to have recovered remarkably well from his ordeal. 
We are guessing the family will think twice before leaving any edible candy exhibits out again in the near future!

We at Concord Vet Hospital would like to remind all avid pet owner’s to keep a careful eye on their pets during this festive season. As food, especially candy, is left out at parties or social events, there may be a chance for your pet to devour them. Try and keep them enclosed in a safe area or ensure that any food trays are kept out of reach. Happy Xmas!