Photo Credit: Tracy Lee via Compfight cc
What people wouldn’t do for their pets nowadays! With more and more people around the world owning pets and loving to pamper them… no wonder businesses are springing up everywhere that are wholeheartedly dedicated to pets. Within the last few years stores such as cat cafes, pet deli’s, pet ‘hotels’, even owl cafes have come onto the market but now… the latest addition is a retirement home for elderly dogs. The one of a kind business has just opened its doors east of Tokyo, Japan. 

There are two factors that have influenced the creation of this retirement village in Japan. First, medical improvements in veterinary science have given dogs the ability to live a longer fulfilling life. Second, Japan recently passed legislation that made it mandatory for pet owners to care for their pets until they die. With this law now enforced from last year, many dog owners have been requesting for a business that could potentially treat their dogs when they reach old age. Pet owners cite that it can be rather difficult taking care of their beloved elderly pooch properly, particularly if they suffer from physical ailments.

Luckily Japan’s Aeon Group heard their pleas, and well along comes the fully decked out dog retirement home. The stylish home comes equipped with a gym, swimming pool, grooming parlour and round the clock dedicated veterinary treatment. It is designed to accommodate up to 20 pets currently. If it deems popular, the retirement home would no doubt expand so it can take on more dogs. Owners of their cherished dogs would be able to visit the retirement home at any time. Thus, dogs can live out the remainder of their lives in the laps of luxury where every whim is attended to affectionately.

We wonder if this latest fad will catch on for other pets. Maybe a retirement home for feeble cats or spa relaxation for retired birds… who knows! At least pet owners are trying to do right by their ailing dogs by placing them in a place that provides excellent quality care. We are aware of many dogs, when they reach old age of being dumped in shelters or pounds which is heart breaking. Although putting your faithful companion in a doggy home may hit your wallet, it is something many devoted pet owners prefer than carelessly offloading them at a shelter.