Would you risk your life to save a pet? What happens if you were saving a stranger’s pet? And that pet was a big snake? According to Michigan news, a firefighter decided to step up to the challenging task of rescuing a 6-foot python from a ferocious house fire. The two occupants of the house managed to escape but unfortunately they were unable to reach their beloved pet python, Chocolate Chip, who was trapped in the living room.

The owners pleaded to firefighters if they could try and save their precious pet. None of the firefighters were willing to accept the daring escapade except one, Scott Hemmelsbach. Scott had prior experience handling reptiles during his high school days and from his Michigan wildlife classes. He believes that this crucial knowledge coupled with his dedication to animals led him to agree to undertake the rescue mission.

When Scott entered the home he discovered the living room was extremely smokey. He noticed that Chocolate Chip’s head was pushing up against the screen of his terrarium in a desperate bid for freedom. The python was quite alert which was a good sign he hadn’t succumbed to the fumes as of yet. Scott gently removed the screen door and approached the snake from behind so it wouldn’t be frightened. After removing the python from the terrarium he made his way out into the fresh air and handed Chocolate chip over to his relieved owners. 

Scott claimed that he would put himself on the line for any creature and he was glad “it had a happy ending”. So are we Scott, so are we!