Photo Credit: jean cotchin via Compfight cc
Welcome to Paris, the city of love, luxury, and cat hotels. For all you cat-crazy folks who love their feline friends with a passion unhindered by financial concerns, come on down to Aristide: Paris’ first ever luxury cat hotel. For the price of 65 euros a night, you can treat your beloved cat with an experience beyond their wildest kitty dreams. And of course, no cages, boxes or fences!

Cat lovers visiting Paris with their pets can rest easy in the knowledge that their companions will be spoilt to the max at Aristide. From the special a la carte menu to the tunnels and wheels built into the walls, all your pet’s needs will be met and surpassed for as long as you require: even as long as 30 days.

Love and cuddles are included in the bundle: cats are treated to several hours of playtime with human attendants providing professional attention and care. This takes place in a special games room measuring 20 metres squared, where cats can romp in small groups to their hearts’ content. Compare to your average boarding kennel where your beloved companion would be trapped in a tiny cage or fenced area.

Health and hygiene are obviously a high priority: all cats must be identified via microchip, and be completely up to date with vaccination, flea and worm treatments. Your cat will be safe in a clean, healthy environment so you can explore Paris guilt-free, secure in the knowledge that your feline friend won’t rejoin you infested with fleas and unknown kitty diseases.

Aristide provides felines with luxuriously spacious four-square metre rooms, complete with “loft beds and platforms on which they can jump, climb, play and scratch” according to the hotel manager Gauthier Berdeaux. For those cats who love long comfy siestas, there are soft pillows aplenty to cater for their sleepy needs. There are also options for those kittys who love feline company: a cat of similar disposition can be arranged to share, as well as the option of a private room for a family of up to 4 cats.

Mr Berdeaux explains that his motivation for opening the hotel was the desire for a “perfect place to keep my cat”. Friends, family and animal homes were clearly not perfect enough for Gauthier, so he went about obtaining public crowd-funding in order to achieve his dream.

So there you have it, cat lovers: Paris is the place to go for the ultimate in cat luxury boarding. If your cat is as dear to you as any family member, you would do well to ensure your companion’s happiness, health and safety while you enjoy the sights. 65 euros is a small price to pay for the reassurance that your cat could not be in a more happy, enjoyable environment.