Photo Credit: dcysurfer / Dave Young via Compfight cc
Last month there was a story in the Daily Mail about a kitten that was found frozen in the middle of the road one wintry morning in Ohio.  Instead of meeting a cold harsh death, this lovable cat (suitably named ‘Frosty’) is another animal rescue successful story thanks to the compassion and quick thinking of his rescuers. This story again shows that if it wasn’t for the hard work and dedication of animal rescue shelters, many animals would not meet such a positive fate. Let’s take a look further into Frosty’s remarkable ‘tail’. 
 Dara Taylor  claims that when she embarked on her way to work one freezing Morning in Ohio she came upon a dirty black object in the middle of the road. She promptly stopped her car and went over to examine what she thought was ‘dirty ice’. She shockingly discovered that the object was in fact a small kitten that was literally frozen to the ground. She could hear the poor little feline meowing loudly and felt his heart beating very fast. If something was not done soon, he would surely die.

After carefully peeling the poor kitty from the road, Dara immediately took him to the animal shelter, Friendship Animal Protective League, where he was attended to by caring staff. Apart from early doubts of the cat, who was lovingly named Frosty by staff being unable to survive the ordeal, he remarkably pulled through. The shelter expressed that when he was brought in, he was suffering from a respiratory disease (which is why his eyes appear shut in his photos). Although they firmly believe he will make a solid recovery in due course. 

What is surprising is that Frosty has an especially warm demeanour and appears perfectly comfortable around humans which leads the shelter to believe he is not actually a stray. Unfortunately no one came forward to claim Frosty since his story of survival broke out on social media. Furthermore, his saviour, Dara, is unable to take care of Frosty as she is allergic to cats. Luckily, Frosty finally found his furrever home with Nancy Barrens who attends to his every need like a prince. He may not be ready just yet to adventure out into the big bad world once more, but we believe he will be fighting fit in due course!

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