Photo Credit: play4smee via Compfight cc
Family Triantafilo’s youngest child, Jeremy, was having a fantastic time playing around on his bicycle outside his home. However, the neighbours dog, a labrador/chow mix, who had escaped his enclosure decided to randomly attack the boy. Dragging him around and gnawing at his leg, Jeremy was clearly in distress. Astonishingly…an unlikely candidate came to the rescue!
Tara, the family cat, without any hesitation dashed straight over to the boy’s aid. She immediately karate kicked (or so it appeared) and swiped aggressively at the dog. The dog was forced to let go and make a hasty retreat. Tara then courageously stood guard while the boy’s mum checked on Jeremy. This extraordinary ordeal was all caught on CCTV! 
The neighbours who own the dog were completely shocked by the assault and agreed to have him put down. They claim that the 8 month old dog had never exhibited signs of aggression but there is just no way of knowing. This random attack again highlights the need to supervise any small children you may have around a pet dog at all times. 

Jeremy is currently recovering from his wounds which required stitches. His injuries could have been more serious if it wasn’t for Tara. We guess that most people who are not exactly favourable to cats may change their mind after hearing this story! Who says that all cats are careless creatures and treat family like staff? Well definitely not Tara! This family are well protected as long as Tara is in the picture. Jeremy claims that Tara is his hero. The staff at the vet clinic and the rest of social media whole heartedly agree with you there, Jeremy!