Photo Credit: ttarasiuk via Compfight cc
Ever notice your pets ducking for cover or cowering from loud noises such as major thunderstorms? Maybe they are finding solace in each other (just as in the picture above)? Wondering how to best handle the situation? We have a few tips for you.
Prepare them

Remember building a pillow fort during your childhood to shield yourself during a massive storm to feel secure? Felt good right? Most pets usually have an ideal place picked out in the house where sound is more subdued and they feel protected. If they haven’t already, allocate them a secure area and place some of their favourite toys (and bedding) there when you know a major storm is about to hit. 

Distract them

A good way to calm your pets nerves is to distract them from the loud noise. Having them play with their favourite toy or giving them a treat is highly effective. Your pets could even associate the loud noise with them receiving tasty treats so they would not be so scared of the next impending disruption!

Comfort them

Pets are highly sensitive to their surroundings so if they notice you are all tense and anxious, then this will resonant onto them. Act calm and relaxed during the commotion. Reassure your pet constantly by talking to them in a soothing and affectionate voice. Give them plenty of pats and/or cuddles. If they cry out or whimper, don’t become angry with them. Continue to provide reassurance and comfort so your pet can realise that there is really nothing to fear.

Medicate them

As a last resort, if your pet continues to have fits or panic attacks from loud noises, medication may be required. We strongly recommend contacting your local vet for further advice on what types of drugs are suitable for your pet. 

If you would like further assistance on how to help your pet cope with major disruptions, then feel free to contact one of our friendly vets at Concord Veterinary Hospital.