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Washing your dog will make it a much more friendly pet. But how often you should wash your dog varies and will depend on a number of factors. These include breed, is anyone in the house allergic to dogs, out door and in door behaviours of the dog and how quickly its fur begins to smell. Some dogs might require no washing at all, or maybe just once a week or once a month. Some breeds have different kinds of coats that can handle dirt better than others, requiring less wash. If someone is allergic to dogs in the household washing the dog often will help avoid the build of dander and trigger less symptoms of an allergic reaction. If your dog sleeps and jumps on your indoor furniture often, you’ll probably not want any dirt or filth that is drawn on your dog ending up on the furniture either.

Some dogs may find being washed uncomfortable. As they will be moved around and covered in shampoos and conditioners. However it is possible to help make your dog look forward to being washed. If you can associate being washed with something the dog might like, the pet will be more tolerable and will make it easier for you to wash. If at every stage of the wash you give the dog a treat or perhaps do something your pet likes such as going for a walk afterwards hopefully your pet will begin to look forward to it. It would be wise to start washing your dog when it is young. So it can get use to it early on. It is a good idea to select a specific location around your house for were washing will take place, as your dog will gain familiarity and identification over time through repetition. Use only shampoo that has been identified as being formulated for dogs. Washing your dog can prevent itchy skin, as proper washing can prevent harmful allergens from infecting and damaging your pet’s skin. Avoid getting water in both your dogs eyes and ears and use lukewarm water. When you wash your dog it will also provide an opportunity for you to check your dogs skin for lumps or areas were the skin is in poor condition.

If you decide to hire a professional (which is not entirely a bad thing as they have all the equipment) be sure to check with your local vet for the best recommendations. Then inspect how the groomer will go about cleaning your dog but before hand inform the groomer about the specifics of your dog. If your pet has any anxieties about any part of the procedure such as being electronically blow-dried or being left without its owner or any parts of the cleaning the dog might find uncomfortable.


The best indicator of when to wash your dog is when it is smelly or dirty. Hopefully if rewarded early on for baths, your pet will more than be looking forward to being washed.