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​When your dog gets adequate exercise, it carries over to every other part of your dog’s life.
Dogs that receive frequent and regular exercise tend to be healthier, more social, and less aggressive than inactive dogs.
But sometimes, just walking your dog every day and letting it run around your big backyard isn’t enough. Maybe your dog is bored and is gaining weight. Or maybe you both just need a new activity to stimulate the body and mind.
Whatever the case may be, here are easy ways to get creative with dog exercise:

Go Surfing

Surfing certainly isn’t for every dog. But you’d be surprised by how many Australians surf with their dogs. Reuters even covered the phenomenon earlier this year.
Some surfers simply bring their dogs to the beach and the dog runs around, swims a little bit, and waits for the owner to return.
More extreme surfers, however, will actually bring their dogs on the board with them. Sometimes, the dog just swims out and stays beside you while you surf.
It’s not an option for everyone, and it can be a bit dangerous for you, your dog, and other surfers, but if you’re just going after some smaller waves closer to shore, your dog might love splashing around with you.
If you need help training your dog to surf, by the way, this guy can help. He travels around Sydney teaching dogs how to surf.

Get Competitive

There are all sorts of competitions for you and your dog to enjoy. Some people join dog agility competitions, where dogs move through obstacle courses under the guidance of their owner or handler. You can teach your dog how to jump, go through tunnels, and safely navigate various walkways.
There are all sorts of directions you can go with dog agility training. Some owners focus on teaching their dogs how to jump long distances or high distances, for example. Others compete with other dog owners at catching, hunting, or recovery events.
If you’re competitive and want your dog to share your competitive nature while also becoming healthier and more obedient, then dog agility competitions may be the right creative exercise for you and your pooch.

Go Running or Hiking

Have you and your dog grown tired of doing the same one or two block loop around your home? Get a little more creative. Go running along the river or ocean. Go out on a hike. It’s a healthy activity for both of you to enjoy. Plus, you get to explore more of the beauty around you.
Whether it’s the Blue Mountains or the beaches, there are plenty of places to go hiking and running around Sydney.

Get Creative with Indoor Exercises

Maybe it’s raining or too hot outside. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can give your dog the day off. Get better with indoor exercises. Some popular indoor dog exercises include:
-Playing tug of war
-Setting up an obstacle course
-Running up and down the stairs
-Playing hide and seek
-Playing fetch

Consider the Type of Exercise That’s Best for your Dog

Not all dogs are suited for long runs with you. In some cases, running with your dog is only going to cause them to get injured, dehydrated, or frustrated.
Some dogs are suited for brisk, shorter runs, for example, while others are suited for long, moderate-rate walks. Here’s a general guideline to follow:

-Long, Steady Runs (More than 10km): Weimeraners, Goldendoodles, German shorthaired pointers, and Jack Russel terriers
-Fast, Shorter Runs (Fewer than 10km): Greyhounds, pit bulls, English setters, beagles, golden and Labrador retrievers
-Running in the Heat: Rhodesian ridgebacks, vizslas, Airedale terriers, and fox terriers
Walking your dog should never be boring. Get creative with dog exercise and you’ll both be having fun and getting healthier at the same time.