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Even the calmest pets can lose their minds during severe weather. Cats and dogs are easily spooked by thunder, lightning, hailstorms, and other severe weather events.
Want to keep your dog or cat calm during the next major storm? Here are some tips that will help you do exactly that.

Understand that Their Senses Are More Acute Than Ours

A cat or dog’s senses are significantly better than ours. So if it’s a calm day and your pet suddenly starts to run around the house freaking out, then it may be because severe weather is nearby. Check your local weather forecast the next time your pet is freaking out. Don’t be surprised if windy, stormy, rainy, weather is on its way. Cats and dogs can detect changes in atmospheric pressure and vibrations far better than humans.

Realize that Cats and Dogs Are Fueled by Instinct

Instead of getting mad at your cat or dog the next time they’re scared of a storm, understand that they’re creatures of instinct. Their ancestors survived because they trusted their instincts. And their instincts tell them to run away and hide when they hear loud, dangerous-sounding noises.
With these lessons in mind, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks you can use to calm down your pet.

Tips for Calming your Cat or Dog During a Storm

Ready to learn how to comfort your cat or dog during a storm? Here are some of the best ways to do that:

-Create a Safe Haven: Use an interior room of your home to create a safe haven for your pet. This room should be far away from the outside world (if possible). Consider putting your pet’s kennel or crate in the room to make them feel extra secure.
-Stay with your Pet: When pets are scared, they may look for what’s familiar to them. With that in mind, many pets need you, their loving owner, during times of stress. Stay near your pet. But avoid showing too much affection, as it could reinforce this behavior. Just having you nearby may be enough to calm the pet.
-Stay Neutral During Times of Anxiety: Try to stay neutral when your pet is being anxious. Pets feed off your anxiety. If you’re scared during a thunderstorm, then your pet may be scared too. At the same time, avoid rewarding your pet’s behavior with extra attention or pity.
-Distract your Pet: Sometimes, you can distract your pet during frightening times by playing with their favorite toy, playing tug of war, or just turning on the TV.

Talk to a Vet for More Tips

Some pets are perfectly fine during a storm. Other pets start to shake or react violently. In extreme cases, you may want to see a vet for tips on behavior modification.
Vets may also recommend using a mild sedative if your pet is consistently stressed out. Give your pet a sedative when you know bad weather is incoming, and you can keep them calm through even the most severe storms.