Photo Credit: eurleif via Compfight cc
For all pet enthusiasists out there… pet diner’s are coming to the market! Well to Berlin, Germany at least. For now.
Pet’s Deli, situated in Berlin’s upmarket Grunewald District, is a gourmet restaurant that offers a range of tasty treats for pet dogs and cats.  The food menu has been carefully designed by David Spanier, a pet nutritionist. He has ensured that only the highest quality of meats and vegetables are used in the deli. Some meals they have available could be kangaroo meat with brocolli or berries mixed with rice, wheat or other carobhydrates. Sounds delicious does it not? 
The reason behind Pet Deli stems from David Spanier’s personal experience with his own pet dog who was unable to digest regular pet food from the local grocery store. Spanier points out that pet food sold in supermarkets is akin to ‘junk food’ or ‘fast food’. Not exactly a healthy option for your pet to consume on a daily basis. 

The meals available at Pet Deli are not too pricey ranging from 3-6 Euro (AUD$4 to $8). An excellent feature is that devoted pet owners can also recline in the deli with a coffee while their canine or cat chows down on their culinary delight. 

Unable to stay and wait for your pet to eat? Pet Deli also provides takeaway in the form of ‘doggy bags’ (of course!).

We wonder if this concept of gourmet pet eateries will spread around the world and who knows, we may find a Pet Deli in our area sometime soon!