Photo Credit: Euii_Brain via Compfight cc
So another fad that is sweeping China’s middle class at the moment is possessing a pet dog that looks like a panda! We all know that pandas are exceptionally cute and adoring animals… no wonder dog owners want to make their pets resemble these cuddly beings.

For centuries in China it has been considered the absolute norm to consume dogs just like as you would for chicken, beef, fish and so forth. However, with the growing popularity to keep dogs as pets as relatively seen in Western countries, the delicacy for dogs has deteriorated rapidly in the last decade. Now pet stores are selling ‘panda dogs’ like hot cakes (figuratively speaking). A store owner from south west China commented that he and fellow pet shops cannot keep up with the high demand.  

Before you think that the Chinese have invented a new species of dog – panda dog – it is actually a Chow that has undergone some cosmetic changes. Pet stores who sell ‘panda dogs’ claim that they do not undergo any surgical procedures or harsh chemicals when creating the panda effect. They merely colour a Chow’s fur and apply gentle makeup which gradually fades over several weeks. All pet owners have to do to retain their dogs panda look is simply returning to the pet store for a touch up.

The upkeep of a panda dog can be relatively expensive, however, it appears that dog owners are perfectly fine shelling out the cash at the moment. Although we wonder how long this ‘panda dog’ faze will actually last. Let us hope dog owners do not simply discard their Chow ‘panda’ dog if they grow tired of paying for their upkeep.