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5 Surprising House Hazards for Pets

Image by Mark Bonica - - Used under Creative Commons You may think your house is safe for your pet. Unfortunately, pets are injured every day across Australia due to hidden household hazards. Today, we’re identifying some of...

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Pet Insurance – is it really worth it?

At Concord Veterinary Hospital we get asked every single day about pet insurance; is it worth it? What sort of cover should I get? Which company should I use? Will they cover my pet for things like dentals? These are all very reasonable questions - so here are our...

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How to Manage your Teenage Dog: The Best Tips and Tricks

Image by Dineshraj Goomany - - Creative Commons License Dogs, like humans, go through adolescence. The adolescent years can be some of the craziest years of your dog’s life. Today, we’re giving you tips on how to manage your dog...

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The Ultimate List of Things You Should Never Feed to your Dog

Photo Credit: Georgie Pauwels via Compfight cc ​Dogs are a different species than humans. Understandably, their bodies process foods differently than our bodies. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t give your dog chocolate. But there are dozens of other things you...

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Everything You Need To Know About Treating Parvovirus in Dogs

Photo Credit: m01229 via Compfight cc Parvovirus is a devastating canine disease that affects dogs across Australia. The highly contagious disease has led to the untimely deaths of many young dogs. If one of your dogs has parvovirus, then it’s very easy for other...

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10 Surprising Facts About Greyhounds

Greyhound racing is popular throughout Australia. After a greyhound’s racing career is over, however, they’re often forgotten. That’s why greyhound rescue organisations can be found across Australia. These organisations rehabilitate retired racing greyhounds, then...

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What Do the Ingredients on your Pet Food Label Really Mean?

Photo Credit: Connor J Burton via Compfight cc ​You’ve probably heard that it’s important to check the ingredients on your pet food. But what exactly do these ingredients mean? What is “meal”? What exactly are “beef byproducts”? Today, we’re giving you a brief...

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Top 10 Most Common Health Problems Affecting Cats

Photo Credit: Jorbasa via Compfight cc Cats can be victimized by some unique health problems. Today, we’re helping cat owners spot symptoms early by listing the top 10 most common conditions that could affect your cat: 1) Heart Conditions Many cats are affected by...

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How to Keep your Pets Calm During Severe Weather

Photo Credit: alyak via Compfight cc Even the calmest pets can lose their minds during severe weather. Cats and dogs are easily spooked by thunder, lightning, hailstorms, and other severe weather events. Want to keep your dog or cat calm during the next major storm?...

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How to keep your pets calm during this year’s fireworks

Photo Credit: sunsets_for_you via Compfight cc ​Ah, the annual marquee fireworks in Darling Harbour for New Year’s Eve. There is just something magical about the New Year’s fireworks in Sydney; every year we Ooh and Aah as spectacular colours, lights and sounds light...

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