Photo Credit: wiccked via Compfight cc
The Cockatiel is a beautiful little bird found in Australia, and is actually part of the cockatoo family. With distinctive features such as orange dots on both cheeks and a plume of feathers on their head, cockatiels are beautiful, fun companions for the household. Their friendly, relaxed nature makes them the ideal pet for your family.

Scientific Name

CacatuidaeĀ Nymphicus hollandicu


Cockatiels usually live around 10 to 20 years in captivity. Obviously this varies according to how well you take care of your bird, so make the effort to keep your feathery friend around for many years to come!

Personality / Temperament

Cockatiels tend to possess a steady, even temperament as well as display curiosity and inquisitiveness. They have the ability to form a bond with their human owners and can be affectionate and friendly. You definitely want to feel like your pet is a part of your family, so this makes cockatiels excellent pet material. Cockatiels are also smart and sociable, and once they see you as part of their “flock” they are loads of fun!


The most distinctive feature of cockatiels is their head, complete with orange cheeks and large distinctive crests on the top of their head. Males and females have a slightly different look to each other, with males having yellow plumage around their head, face and crest. On top of this, there are many colour varieties including Cinammon, Platino, Fallow, White Face, and Pearl.

Diet and Exercise

What to feed your pet is always an important consideration. For cockatiels, a combination of quality pre-made seed mix and various supplements will keep them happy and healthy. You can provide greens and fruits / vegetables as treats, and even cereals and bread will be happily accepted.

In terms of exercise, it is good to let your cockatiel outside its cage every day if possible. They enjoy the extra space and freedom, but just make sure to clip their wings so they don’t escape or injure themselves.