Today we take a look at the ever adorable golden retriever. They are certainly one of the most popular dogs around as they are known to be playful, pretty, smart and good around people. They’re extremely active dogs, something that can be both incredibly rewarding and unrewarding. They take a long time to lose their puppy playfulness, usually about 3-4 years. But most keep aspects of their youthful behaviour into the later years of their lives.


There is a rumour that the ancestor of the golden retriever was the Russian sheepdog. But this is false, they were bred in Scotland under the estate of Lord Tweedmouth. He bred a variety of different animals to come up with the best breeds. From 1835-1890 records indicate that he was trying to create a retriever that had terrific smelling capabilities perfect for hunters of waterfowl, but in the homestead was well mannered, attentive and faithful.

He had his first dog in 1865 was named Nous, meaning wisdom, he was a yellow dog bought near Brighton from a cobbler. Tweedmouth thought of yellow dogs very highly, all of his other dogs were darker coloured retrievers. Between 1868 and 1871 Tweedmouth bread his retriever with Belle, another kind retriever called Tweed Water Spaniel. They are characterised much for the qualities we see in most golden retrievers today: faithful, energetic & peaceful. More dogs were introduced and bred to the descendants of Nous and Belle: a red setter, flat-coated retrievers and another Tweed Water Spaniel. A majority of yellow puppies continued to be bred in Tweedmouth’s program, giving others away. There use in the hunting field gave them notice with a descendent of one of Tweedmouth’s dogs, Don of Gerwyn in 1904 winning the International Gundog league trial. In 1911 the Golden Retriever was recognised as a definite bead by the Kennel Club in England, though they’re classification type was relayed to the term “Retriever-Yellow or Golden” and not referred to the more common term of Golden Retriever until 1920. It was not recognized by the American Kennel Club until 1932.


Golden Retrievers are known for being gentle and relaxed. They are born to be active and are aiming to please. Though being fun and energetic is in their nature, they must be taken care of apporiately and trained to a respecatable standard to bring the most of their behaviour out of them. They need to be around other people and other dogs from an early age. But also out and about, far beyond the reaches of your backyard so that it sees a lot of different landscapes and smells a lot of different scents. It will help make the dog wiser and more ever-loving.