Photo Credit: Houser Wolf via Compfight cc
Here at Concord Vets we love kitty cats of all sizes and shapes, be they purebred or common tabby, big or small, fluffy or bald. As a Cat Friendly Clinic, we love having cats around and we are honoured to be entrusted with looking after your beloved feline friend. We have plenty of love to go around and share it equally among all cats we care for. However, if we absolutely HAD to pick a favourite breed, the Ragdoll would definitely be among our top considerations!
Ragdolls are one of the most beautiful breeds of cat, with long silky fur highlighted by lovely patterns and colours. Picture a big friendly ball of fluff with beautiful blue eyes poking out, and you have a Ragdoll. Ragdolls are pointed, which means that their extremities are darker in colour than their bodies. This means their face, legs, tail and ears are darker than the rest of their bodies. Also, there are four different patterns of Ragdoll fur: pointed, mitted, bi-colour, and lynx. No matter which pattern you get however, your Ragdoll kitty will be the cutest kitty in town!

As well as being adorable fluff balls, Ragdolls are reknowned for their friendly, personable nature. More than any other breed, Ragdolls are known for being a cat version of a friendly puppy. They love being around people in general, and in particular their owners, who they will follow around like little fluffy puppy dogs. If you’re lounging around the living room watching Netflix, you can bet that your Ragdoll will be right next to you either asleep on your lap or purring on the sofa. As well as being friendly, Ragdolls tend to be laid-back, relaxed and well behaved. They also don’t mind being picked up, which is a rarity among cats (which I’m sure many of you have learnt to your sorrow!). So you can squish your face into your Ragdoll’s fur to your heart’s content! This author may or may not be guilty of repeat offences!

So we now know Ragdolls are really really cute, and really really friendly. So far they’re perfect, but as we all know nothing is actually perfect. Same with Ragdolls, but their flaw is far from unmanageable. Ragdolls tend to shed quite a lot of fur. Count on many things in your house ending up covered in white fluff, from your clothes to your bed, sofa, and whatever else your fluffy kitty sleeps on. Again this author may or may not have experienced this firsthand! This one flaw definitely pales in comparison to everything else Ragdolls can offer you as a pet.

If you’re looking for a feline friend to bring into your home, you can definitely do a lot worse than bringing in a Ragdoll. Look forward to lovely Sunday afternoons lounging around with a big ball of fluff purring on your lap!