Photo Credit: Deanna Keahey via Compfight cc
There are two sides to the ownership of any pet, and no matter what the case it is a great deal of responsibility, but a rewarding one at that. Parrots are beautiful creatures, for example, but there is so much to consider before investing in one. This list of pros and cons will help you make an informed decision on whether you are ready for a parrot or should settle for something that’s less work. 


  •  A parrots individual personality is like no other’s – they are all extremely different and have their own habits and quirks.  Take a look at these parrot’s below… they really love showers!
  • They are beautiful, majestic creatures and an icebreaker for any conversation.
  • Parrots are extremely intelligent creatures and have powerful instincts, something that is not as evident in other domestic pets. 

  • Although training them is hard work, it is also extremely rewarding to build a bond that lasts a lifetime. 


  • Although they can be tamed, parrots cannot be domesticated, meaning their wild and distinct personalities will shine through at any given moment, posing a threat to you and you loved ones 
  • They are expensive and high-maintenance creatures, and will scream and pull their feathers out if they get bored for long periods of time. 
  • Potential danger if your parrot does not  like one of your family members – their beaks are extremely strong and can tear through human skin easily as it gets older, or even bend the bars of its cage. As its natural for them to chew and peck at things, you will need to be careful with thing like clothes, walls, lampshades, even couches.
  • Birds are self-serving creatures and their loyalties and trust may shift on a whim, if you don’t give them the time and attention they want.
  • They easily throw tantrums, are extremely loud and their hormones can make them more and more unpredictable as they grow older. 

There are also many questions you must ask yourself when you decide to get a parrot

  • Are there additional animals at home? Many types of dogs, snakes and cats tend to be predators for birds. It is important to check if you need to supervise them at all times or not.

  •   How will it affect your lifestyle? Parrots need a lot of time and attention, and they do not like being left alone for extended periods because it causes problems with building trust. If you travel a lot or intend to, it may be time to rethink your decision.
  • Will your parrot be compatible with you and your family? As parrots are very selective in their people they trust, they become fiercely defensive and may attack people they don’t like or trust.
  •  Will you be able to afford the constant costs that come with owning a parrot? Proper food ( NOT just seeds and pellets but cooked foods), new toys and cage accessories every couple of weeks, vet care…it all adds up.

At the end of the day it boils down to whether you believe you can take on the hard work and dedication required to own a parrot – it is around a 60 year commitment and they are extremely entertaining when treated right and kept healthy.