Photo Credit: Akane Yamada via Compfight cc
New South Wales has just endured what has been described by the media, in an unusual absence of sensationalism, as the “storm of the decade”. Coupled with an unforgiving cold snap, the low-pressure system tragically claimed the lives of three people and inflicted unprecedented damage to property and infrastructure, leaving the state, along with its brave SES members, reeling and counting the many costs. While we prepare to experience further cold spells as the autumn leaves amass around us and radiator grills glow with current and heat, here at Concord Vet we thought we’d offer some tips on how to aid your pet companions to bear the cold with you. 

Pets, in particular those that abide in and enjoy the outdoors can suffer serious repercussions from prolonged exposure to the cold. Depending on their breed, age and genetic sensitivity, dogs are known to be especially sensitive.  Examples of afflictions that can arise from the cold include hypothermia and frostbite. Pets that are very young, very old, or arthritic are at a higher risk of suffering from these conditions. As always, remember to consult your veterinarian with any pressing questions you may have, however, in the meantime we’ve got some neat tips for you and your pet for the months where the mercury drops:

·         Kennels should be raised slightly to avoid rain and general dampness

·         Ensure dry bedding is always used by your pet, and is cleaned and changed regularly.


Check the spaces around such devices as dryers, heaters or even car wheels before using them as these are places known to be used by cats to keep warm.