Kittens are cute and adorable just sitting by themselves, but it’s not really feasible to keep them in an isolated bubble. As a member of your family they will have to interact with you and your family on a daily basis. They may also encounter your friends, relatives, other animals, and various environmental stimuli that come with living with humans as well as from nature (such as music, car travel, vacuum cleaners, storms). In order to raise a happy, well-adjusted kitty it is important to help your kitten become accustomed to these and other situations.
The first 9 weeks of a kitten’s life are crucial to developing the cat’s personality and behavioural tendencies. Among these traits is the ability to interact appropriately with humans, so it is very important for your kitten to have regular contact with humans and frequent gentle handling from an early age. Without enough exposure to people, cats can develop tendencies towards timid, fearful or even aggressive behaviour towards humans. The act of socialising a kitten refers to providing the regular contact and human handling mentioned.

Although it is often up to breeders to handle this important task, you may have bought (or found!) your kitten at a very early age. If so, you can help your kitten become socialised and well-adjusted once you have brought them home. Firstly, as soon as they have entered your home, you and your family should try to handle your new kitten as much as possible, so they get used to being around you and even how you smell. You should also try to expose your kitten to various stimuli they will experience from your house, as well as people and other animals.

Follow these steps and your kitty will grow up into a happy, content, well-adjusted animal who can deal with anyone and anything they happen to encounter!