Photo Credit: christopher.woo via Compfight cc
Another story to pull at the heart strings but with an unexpected twist to the ‘tail’. In northern Croatia, a dog owner decided that he no longer wanted to take care of his faithful pet, Olly,  anymore. Instead of taking Olly to the vet to have him euthanised, he found it cheaper to simply hire a hit man to get rid of his faithful pet. However, the hit man’s bark was worse than his bite as his bullets were not enough to kill the strong canine.  The hit man than hurled the injured dog into the raging Drava river in hopes he would drown. 
Luckily for Olly, some fishermen nearby heard the commotion and went to investigate. Fisherman Brodzky and his son found Olly floating downstream “like a log”. However, when Olly started moving they promptly fished him out. Brodzky noticed Olly was severely wounded and immediately took the weak pooch to an animal shelter for treatment.
Olly’s poor body was riddled with bullet wounds. It appears the hit man had used a buckshot to try and kill him which resulted in shrapnel to become embedded in Olly’s head…
Although Olly needed life saving surgery the costs of the procedure would be exceedingly expensive. Even by Croatia standards! Well… this isn’t exactly your typical story where the community raised funds towards Olly’s treatment. Oh no…astonishingly,  former UFC star – Mikro Cro Cop heard about the news and was deeply moved by Olly’s plight. He contacted the rescue centre and said he would fund Olly’s surgery and subsequent treatment. Thanks to Mikro Cro Cop’s generousity, surgeons were able to work tirelessly to remove all the bullets from Olly’s small broken body. 
The lovable Olly is now on a steady but delicate road to recovery. The rescue shelter have nicknamed Olly – ‘Lucky’ because he managed to survive such a horrific ordeal. We definitely think he has deserved the name! According to a shelter representative, Lucky just started taking his first steps since his ordeal and his prognosis is positive. Requests to adopt Lucky have been pouring in to the rescue centre since the news break. One animal lover from as far as England claims that she would pay for all required transportation costs!

But wait…what about the perpetrators we hear you ask? Think the hit man got away with it? Well… not exactly. Brodzky spotted the hit man putting his gun in the trunk of his car and noted down the hit man’s car details including number plate. Brodzky handed in the information over to the police who have thus been heavily involved with bringing the culprit to justice. Animal welfare workers claim that this particular hit man is probably linked to several other cases of dog shootings in the area. If the hit man is tried and convicted, he faces up to a year in prison on animal cruelty charges.