Photo Credit: Tobyotter via Compfight cc
Ok we may be a tad overexaggerating since we are huge fans of pets! However, we cannot deny the evidence and research that shows people who grew up with pets turn out to be more social, responsible, healthier and empathetic adults. Not sure about owning a pet? Then this article may convince you of the benefits you get from having one!
Pets are renowned for providing us with improved health and well being. For example, studies show that when people interact with their dogs their blood pressure drops because the hormorne oxytocin (associated with emotional bonding) is released. Furthermore, hormones associated with feelings of happiness, namely serotonin and dopamine are released when playing with animals (not just dogs). People who grew up with pets are less likely to exhibit allergies and suffer from diabetes related illnesses. This could be associated with animals prompting us to go outside and experience fresh air more (particularly dogs) as we need to walk them on a daily basis. 

Humans are generally social creatures by habit, and research shows that if you own a pet you are more likely to actively seek out other people with pets. There are an abundance of forums dedicated to all types of animals where people discuss their pets at great length on a realm of topics. Although socialising is not just left to the internet. Studies show that when people take their dogs for walks, they are far more likely to interact with people around them than if they were walking on their own. If you are more of an introvert person and have trouble meeting people, then perhaps owning a pet may just help you come out of your shell. 

Having a pet teaches us to be more compassionate and empathetic to the world around us.  These days, people spend all sorts of money to ensure their beloved pet recovers from a horrible illness. This is because we care about our pets and their feelings are important to us.  For example, when we feed them, we witness their absolute happiness and excitement towards us. When they see us after being away all day, they greet us cheerfully and look at us with unconditional love. You understand or have lived through the inescapable grief of losing a dear pet and you know how to console your friend if they are also going through a similar circumstance. Our interaction with pets no doubts transcends into the world around us and as a result we are more likely to care about a person’s or animal’s suffering. 

We are not surprised that pets make us more responsible because we tend to treat our pets (regardless of their age) as children. We feed them, bathe them, support them when ill, play with them, take them for walks and sometimes have them snuggle up in bed with us. We devote our time to making our pets secure and content with life. Having a pet, especially from a young age, teaches us the importance of responsibility as we are tending to an animal that can’t survive without us. On this note, kids – this would be a good final point to raise to parents if you are super keen on having a pet! Just make sure you don’t let your poor mum or dad be forced to walk/feed your pet everyday or they may seriously rethink their decision for any future pets.

Here at Concord Veterinary Hospital we are partnered with the Cat Protection Society and are highly supportive of the adoption and rehomeing of pets. We regularly advertise pets for adoption on our Facebook page. If you have any questions about acquiring a pet, definitely give us a call or drop by our veterinary hospital for further information.