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Good dog obedience training today can help you avoid messy cleanups in the future.
Do you want a clean and well-behaved dog? Today, we’re helping you out with a list of dog obedience tips and tricks.
Distract the Dog While Eating to Avoid Future Hostility Problems

If you’ve ever been around a poorly-behaved dog, then you know that they can be very protective around their dog dishes. In many cases, this occurs because the dog is used to having a distraction-free meal. Dogs are also naturally protective of their food when other people (or dogs) are around.
Consider distracting your dog during mealtimes to build up a tolerance. This is especially important if you have small kids that may be running around the dog’s bowl.
Distract your dog by imitating a child’s behavior. Walk quickly towards the dog when he’s eating and then drop a doggy treat into the bowl, for example. Or, gently push the dog while eating. A well-trained dog will continue eating through these mild distractions and won’t display hostility. That’s your goal here.

Controlling your Dog’s Barks and Whines

Puppies love to bark and whine – often for no apparent reason. With a little bit of preparation, however, you can quickly control your dog’s whining or barking.
The important thing to remember is to avoid comforting your puppy while he’s whining (as hard as that may seem). Avoid going to your puppy when he’s whining. This could encourage further whining. Over time, he’ll learn that whining and whimpering aren’t the best ways to earn your approval.
Many dog owners will actually teach their dogs the “stop barking” command. To train this command, follow these steps:
-Let your dog bark two or three times
-Praise the dog for alerting you of any danger
-Say “Stop Barking” and hold out a treat for your dog
-The dog will stop immediately (he’ll want to eat or sniff the treat)
-After a few seconds of quiet, give the dog the reward
-Gradually increase the time from when the barking stops to the giving of the reward
That’s it! You now have a dog that will stop barking on command.

How to Teach “Sit” to your Dog

“Sit” is one of the best commands to teach a dog. It’s also one of the easiest commands to teach. Follow these steps:
-Get down to your puppy’s level (either by sitting on the floor or in a chair next to him)
-Hold a treat close to your puppy’s nose and let his head follow the treat as you move your hand up
-Your puppy’s head will rise to follow the treat, and then his butt will lower
-Release the treat once your puppy’s butt hits the floor
-Repeat multiple times per day while always using the same “Sit” command

How to Teach “Come” to your Dog

Come is another useful command to teach any dog. Here’s a step by step guide for one popular training method:
-Grab some treats and put them in your pocket
-Clip a light rope or line to your dog’s collar and let him drag it around (without you holding it)
-Once the puppy is accustomed to the line, pick it up and follow him around the yard. This shows the puppy that you two are attached.
-Think of a marker word (like yes) and walk backward holding the line, encouraging the dog to follow you. Once the dog twirls around the comes towards you, say “yes”, give him the treat, and praise him.
-Pair this behavior with the word “Come” and repeat
By following these tips, you’ll be the owner of a well-trained, well-behaved puppy in no time at all!