Photo Credit: Karamellzucker via Compfight cc
You probably think you’ve heard it all when it comes to cats, but most cat owners have only scratched the surface of the story behind their feline friend. Here are six things about cats that might be true, or they might be totally crazy cat mythology. See how many you can get right!

1. Cats are social animals – True or False?  
If you said true, you got it half right. Okay, this was sort of a trick question. While it is true that cats are social animals, they are also solitary hunters. Plus, they don’t like sharing space so if you force two cats to be roommates, they will probably divide your house up into their own territories rather than share it like normal housemates would.

2. Cats have nine lives – True or False? 
Everyone knows this myth, but it actually varies depending upon what country you go to. For example, in Arabia they only get six, and in Latin America most people believe they get seven, not nine, but the truth is, your feline only gets one life. At least, as far as we know!

3. Black cats are bad luck – True or False?  
This is totally false. In fact, in Japan and in some parts of Great Britain, black cats are considered good luck. What’s interesting is that because black cats were feared and often killed to avoid bad luck, there are very few black cats today. Most of them have at least one spot of white – as an evolutionary defense mechanism.

4. Cats were the familiars of witches – True or False?  
Cats have gotten a bad rap from two circumstances out of their control. The first is that ancient Egyptians thought very highly of cats and when Christianity began to spread, cats were considered evil because they were so associated with the pagan rites of Egypt. Also, cats got their reputation as a witch’s pet because lonely, elderly women used to keep cats for companionship and of course, those poor women were the first people accused of being witches and the cats by proxy. So, false!

5. Cats annoy people who don’t like them on purpose – True or False?  
This one is actually true, but they probably go to people who don’t particularly like them because everyone else is saying “here kitty” in a weird voice and trying to pet them That would freak anyone out. Or maybe, they just hate the idea that someone doesn’t like them are determined to change their mind.

6. White cats with blue eyes are bad mothers – True or False?  
False. Although it took animal behaviorists some time to debunk this myth. You see, cats that are white with blue eyes suffer from an inner ear birth defect that renders them deaf. They can’t hear their babies crying which made some people think that they were bad mothers. They love their babies just as much as any other cat; they just can’t hear them when they’re hungry.

So, now you know a little more fact and fiction about your furry friend. How many did you get right?