Photo Credit: msmornington via Compfight cc
If you or anyone you know owns a pet rabbit in Sydney’s north then best to listen up! If you happen to reside in the north of Sydney, you may have noticed the abundance of wild rabbits hopping around the neighbourhood. Although these wild rabbits look incredibly cute and harmless, they are actually a threat to native wildlife and plants. In an effort to curb the wild rabbit population, the National Parks and Wildlife Services will start releasing contaminated bait from late March to early April throughout the area.

The contaminated bait will consist of chopped carrots with the added devastating ingredient, the Rabbit Calicivirus or Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RBDV). This virus is able to spread fairly quickly between rabbits and even via mosquitoes or other insects that feast on rabbits. The virus is quite lethal as it causes hemorrhaging or bleeding of a rabbits internal organs, such as the liver and intestines.

For devoted owners of rabbits, we strongly advise having your pet vaccinated as soon as possible. Furthermore, ensuring that your rabbit is kept indoors during times of high levels of mosquito activity  (i.e. after immense rain periods) and investing in a mosquito proof hutch will likely fend off any chance of your rabbit contracting the disease.

If you have further questions regarding vaccinating your rabbit against RHDV or if you think your rabbit may have contracted the disease, please contact our veterinary clinic for immediate veterinary assistance!