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Maybe you can never understand that what dogs communicate to each other in their languages but there are many people who want to learn what their dog barks mean. Have you ever wished you could understand what your dog says to you when it is barking? Don’t you want to understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you?

How Does Your Dog Think?

Dog’s bark is a signal to the owner sometimes. It can be a warning when your dog senses something unusual. The length of time, your dog barks is another way to understand the dog communicating to you. You can notice the repetition of the same style of bark, and if it repeats at a rapid rate, your dog wants you to reach out to him on an urgent basis.

Is Dog Barking For No Obvious Reason A Sign Of Something?

Dogs from an animal shelter can be notorious barkers. Barking too much can be a sign of your dog demanding attention. Dogs may bark when they are bored. An ignored pet may bark at all the wrong times especially when your guests are there. Pups bark a lot when they are confused, hungry and feeling lonely.

Give Short Clear Commands to Your Dog

A dog barking at another dog is a sign that it is saying something in their language. If you want to convey any message to your dog, it should be clear short and crisp messages. Petting your dog to calm down may confuse him, and it will repeat barking at strangers. Say a clear NO to your dog when you want it to stop barking without any apparent reason.

Dogs Are Good At Learning Your Body Language

Dogs do not understand words as words, only noises, although there are some exceptional dogs that can understand perhaps 100-150 words for what they are. Border Collies seem to have this ability better than most dogs. However, dogs understand the tone of a voice very well.  This is where most misunderstandings come in. If your voice does not reflect your body language, then your dog will become very confused.

Barking when another human or dog walks by although they cannot get to them.

If you are standing near the dog and yelling at it to be quiet, but your body language says you agree with the dog for barking, as does your tone of voice, then you must rearrange this. Make your voice so that it distinctly means you do not approve. Adjust your body language so it is also saying the same thing.

Your small dog goes to put its paw on another dog to play or so you think, and gets growled at for its pains. 

This is regarded at as very bad manners from another dog. It is also a sign of trying to establish domination. Carefully remove the smaller dog before trouble starts. Some small dogs have a very inflated opinion of themselves and can get you and them into a great deal of trouble for it.

Dog attempts to beat you through the gate after you have opened it. 

Your dog does not recognize you as the leader of his/her pack and is showing this disrespect. In a pack, the dog would never try to go ahead of its leader. Pull the dog back without force, make it sit properly and wait patiently until you go through the gate first.