Photo Credit: MendocinoAnimalCare via Compfight cc
Shelters have a wide range of lovable pets, there are different breeds, sizes, shapes and ages, and your chances of finding a lovable companion are much higher than if you bought one from a pet shop. 

 Here are some of the reasons why you will be better off adopting a pet from a shelter: 

You will be saving a life.

Many shelters euthanize pets, particularly cats and dogs, as they only have a set amount of space and finite resources to care for the animals. When you adopt a rescue pet, you are effectively saving its life, this is, on its own, an extremely rewarding experience. 

The pet will be healthier

Pets in shelters have usually been checked out by the vet, they are up to date on shots and are fixed (neutered). This means that you can rest easy knowing your adopted pet is healthy and that the shelter will be upfront with you about any issues it may have. 

You will save money

Apart from the vaccinations and the veterinary care that the shelter has covered, you will also not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money on the pet itself, which is always a bonus. The adoption fee is a lot lower, and you will sleep better with the knowledge that you have done the right thing by saving a life. 

You won’t support puppy/kitten farms and breeders.

Pet overpopulation has become a serious issue in recent years, and it is hard to know the conditions a newborn pet was raised in. As demand for more pets is created, many end up in shelters because a growing number of people or families, having bought a pet, find that they cannot commit to caring for it for life. 

By adopting, you are not encouraging irresponsible pet breeders and puppy/kitten mills where cats and dogs are often housed in extremely cramped conditions. This kind of precarious start of life may compromise the pet’s future health and wellbeing. 

Many rescued dogs are already trained

Many shelters place pets in foster homes, and the majority have been abandoned from a family setting. This means that the pet already knows how to live indoors and will not needed to be toilet trained and will be easy to manage. 

You know their temperament

Many shelters will be able to tell you the temperament and preferences for your chosen pet. This practically eliminates issues pets may have in settling with a new owner or family. This way you can prevent potential problems that may lead to you having to give up the pet in the future. As most shelters evaluate a pet and their personality before you adopt it, you can then decide what training it requires to fit into your life and to become a valuable companion. 

They make great pets

Most pets in shelters end up there because of circumstances beyond their control, generally making them the victim. Whether it is illness, divorce, moving house or a new baby, pets can be left behind very quickly, and will grateful to you for giving them a home. 

Due to the care given to them by shelter staff, pets in these circumstances have a head start on obedience and basic house training before they enter your home. With the large variety in pet shelters, you are bound to find a furry friend that you will cherish, knowing you did the right thing. 

If you are considering adding a furry friend to the family, then definitely check out local pet shelters and rescue centres in your area. Our veterinary hospital regularly advertises animals awaiting adoption or a furrever home on our Faceb`ook page. Definitely give us a call or visit the clinic if you want to know more about adopting a pet! Who knows, you may find your next faithful companion through us.