Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis via Compfight cc
The ASPCA Humane presented the Dog of the Year awards to  *drum roll please* Xena Warrior Puppy (what a name). The annual ceremony  recognizes special animals and individuals who made a positive and lasting impact during the past year. Let’s take a look into the life story of Xena Warrior Puppy and find out how she got her remarkable name!
Xena Warrior Puppy, a Stafford shire terrier mix, did not have an excellent start to this world. In September 2012, she was found collapsed in a yard covered in cuts and extremely malnourished. When she was brought into the Delkab Animal Shelter for treatment, staff were completely shocked by her appearance.
Chrissy Kaczynski, a founding member of the Delkab Animal Shelter, took Xena home and did not expect her to pull through the night. Astonishly, Xena bounced back from the verge of death. She was given the name Xena because of her courage and fighting spirit. 

After she fully recovered, it was time for Xena to find a loving family. Linda, who is a mother to an autistic child called Jonny, had been captivated by Xena’s survival story from the beginning and was very keen to adopt Xena. Linda brought her family along when Xena made an appearance at a fundraiser event. Linda was thrilled when Xena came directly to interact with them affectionately, particularly with Jonny, and Xena was adopted soon afterwards. 

Linda and her husband commented that Jonny had been a very shy boy and had numerous sensory issues before Xena came into their lives. Nowadays, Jonny has become quite the ‘chatter box’ and the pair are inseparable. Xena has effectively ‘soothed’ Jonny’s personal space hang ups and made him feel more secure in his natural surroundings. Regular day to day outings such a trip to the hair dresser have become a breeze. Jonny even allows Xena to sleep on his lap during nap time. Xena has essentially transformed Jonny’s life for the better. .. what an awesome puppy!

If you want to find out more about Xena Warrior Puppy, head on over to her Facebook page where she has a 19,000 strong fan base. Linda ensures that the page contains regular updates of Xena’s adventures. We would like to send our congratulations to Xena as her award is well deserved!