Photo Credit: Werwin15 via Compfight cc
What a time to be alive. This past week, a robotic cat has gone viral across the internet. The so-called “Robo Cat”, created by Hasbro, is being marketed as a “companion pet” for the elderly.

Priced at $99.99 USD, the robotic cat purrs and meows in your hands while you stroke it.
Hasbro has given the cat the slogan, “Why should kids have all the fun?”. But the internet was less than amused at Hasbro’s antics.

One publication announced the robot cat news with the headline “Nightmare Robot Cat Has Come For Your Grandma”, for example.

Others warmed up to the idea. This reviewer loved the idea of having a pet but didn’t want to put up with the negative parts of it: like the shedding, smelliness, and “defecating”:
“So to me, a robotic cat that merely purred and let me snuggle it didn’t sound half bad.”
After a week of hanging out with that cat, that reviewer called the cat “surprisingly lovable”.

​The cats are part of Hasbro’s Joy for All lineup and are advertised as “Suited for ages 5 to 105”. Some of the features advertised on the side of the box include:

​-Soft fur inspired by real feline breeds (thankfully, it’s not real cat fur)
-VibraPurr trademarked realistic cat purr technology
-Movements that mimic a real cat
-Authentic cat sound effects
-Light sensor, cheek sensor, back sensor, and belly sensor to detect when the cat is being pet

The cat arrives with batteries already installed. Just like with a real cat, you activate it by peeling back the fur and finding the “On / Mute / Off” switch hidden beneath. The batteries should last for about 6 months of normal use and will need to be replaced periodically.
If you don’t touch or pet the cat for a few minutes, it will go to sleep. The cat will stay asleep until you give it a pat on the back, or when you move nearby (depending on whether or not the sensor detects movement).
The more you pet the cat, the more relaxed it will get. With enough petting the cat will eventually close its eyes and snooze.

What do you think – is this the best way to enjoy the benefits of a cat without the downsides? Or is this just the creepiest thing to ever be made in history?