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Pet Allergies

Photo Credit: tz1_1zt via Compfight cc The dreary winter blues are always reliably cleansed by the seasonal remedy of Spring as our closer proximity to the sun affords warmer and longer days. But the brightening of our mood is always accompanied by a hearty sneeze as...

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How to Get Creative with Dog Exercise

Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc ​When your dog gets adequate exercise, it carries over to every other part of your dog’s life. Dogs that receive frequent and regular exercise tend to be healthier, more social, and less aggressive than inactive dogs. But...

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5 Modern Tech Toys Making Life Easier for Pet Owners

Photo Credit: Jesus Vivas via Compfight cc ​Wearables aren’t just for humans any more. Today, pet owners are buying all sorts of high tech toys for their furry companions. Here are some of the things you may want to consider buying your cat or dog this Christmas...

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How to Get Rid of Pests While Keeping Pets Safe

Photo Credit: KeithJustKeith via Compfight cc Do you have a pest problem on your property? You need to get rid of it. But getting rid of a pest problem can often expose your pets to danger. Pest control involves poisons, chemicals, and traps that can affect your cat...

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What Have You Been Feeding Your Pet?

Photo Credit: Kim Wall Photography (Purplesun2001) via Compfight cc Does your dog or cat have tinned food? Dry food? Or do they have what you have? Cats are different to dogs in that they are true carnivores. A dog will survive reasonably well on a diet of almost...

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Dogs Have Owners & Cats Have Slaves – CVH, Animal Vet

Photo Credit: it's d-lo via Compfight cc Does your dog greet you like he has never been so alone? On the other hand, does your cat not only greet you at the door, but you are lucky if you see her unless she is hungry? This is perfectly normal behavior from your pets....

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Do Dogs Prevent Asthma? – CVH, Vets in Concord

Photo Credit: Steven Jackson Photography via Compfight cc The phrase “man’s best friend” is a famous one, and who else but our lovely dog friends could it apply to? Whether it be welcoming us excitedly at the door when we arrive home from work, sleeping next to us on...

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The Future of the Tassie Devil

Photo Credit: K a z o via Compfight cc It was somewhat of a shock for me to have found out years ago that the Tasmanian Devil was in fact a bona fide living, breathing organism. Popularised and trademarked as the over-exuberant, devious Loony Tunes character, the...

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Aussie Animals: the Emu – CVH, Emergency Vet Clinic

Photo Credit: amk713 via Compfight cc The emu is one of Australia’s most distinctive and recognisable animals, endemic to this country and beloved all the more because of this fact. If there was a novelty spin-off of the NBA, designed to promote the wonders of the...

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5 Easy Ways to Shop Smarter When Buying Cat Food

Photo Credit: macdomeng via Compfight cc If you’re like most cat owners, then you’re lost when it comes to shopping for cat food. The truth is: most of us don’t know what to look for in cat food. We just trust that big brands have chosen the right mix of ingredients....

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Human Food: A Pet Hate

Photo Credit: Portik Lorant via Compfight cc I recently binged on some daytime T.V., but before the usual guilt ensued I had the good fortune to witness a human oddity I hadn’t seen before (naively and unforgivably, I thought I had seen them all). A certain...

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Walking the Dog Part 2: Brutus

Photo Credit: DaPuglet via Compfight cc Last week we featured the travails of Derby the Dog, a Massachusetts pooch who was born with two deformed front legs yet found hope in breakthrough 3D prosthetic technology which allowed him to frolic and scamper in his hometown...

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