Photo Credit: cliff1066™ via Compfight cc
The Pygmy Jerboa is  highly popular in social media this week with sites such as Buzzfeed, Cute Overload and Youtube flooded with videos and pictures of this appealing speciman. This peculiar looking desert rodent looks highly irregular, what with its kangaroo feet it uses to hop around, its sweet hamster like face equipped with a devilish moustache to boot. 
As the name suggests, Pygmy Jerboa’s are petite weighing a mere 3.2 grams and only around 2 inches in size. Although don’t underestimate the capabilities of a Pygmy Jerboa as it can jump as high as 2.7 m and can potentially dash up to 24km an hour. Impressive!

Unfortunately these fun size beings are mainly found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So don’t expect to see them bounding around your neighbourhood anytime soon! 

I guess we will just have to do with the video and images of this adorable animal. Now let us all bask in cuteness overload… 3…2…1….