Photo Credit: mountainprophet via Compfight cc
Dogs are notorious for doing some strange things which seem to make no sense on first glance. You’ve probably noticed your dog do at least a couple of cliches. Why do they chase their own tails? Why do they bury things? Find the answers to these and more by reading on!

Burying Food

Think of the classic dog cliche – the picture of a dog burying a bone. Although exaggerated and popularised in common folklore, there may actually be an element of truth here. You may have noticed yourself that your dog will sometimes bury food. If you have an indoor dog, they may bury it under various things like pillows, bedding or furniture. If you keep your dog outside, they’ll probably just dig a hole and bury it in the ground. One possible explanation for this behaviour is that your dog is attempting to save food for later, which they may do with treats or left-over food. Another potential reason is to hide it from other animals, which is more common in households with multiple pets.

Chasing Their Own Tail

There are many images, videos and popular cultural references to dogs chasing their own tail. A common response is for people to think that dogs are stupid, but this is not the case. Tail chasing often starts early, with a young puppy still learning his own individuality seeing the tail and beginning to chase it, perhaps thinking it is a separate animal or entity. From the puppy’s perspective, it is fun, and fulfills the instinctive need to chase something. Wouldn’t you rather your dog chase its own tail than chase a car and possibly get seriously hurt?

Turning Around in Circles Before Sleeping

Ever notice your dog turning round and round in circles before going to sleep? It may not be just a case of obsessive compulsive behaviour as you may think, but rather an instinctive behaviour inherited from wolves. Domestic dogs today are after all descended from wolves in the wild, and their genetics match closely. As a comparison to human behaviour, turning in circles before sleep may be similar to you fluffing your pillow. It’s just a comfort thing!