Photo Credit: Dave Catchpole via Compfight cc
You didn’t read the title wrong. A tortoise did indeed beat a rabbit in a ski-off. Although this tortoise did not perform this impressive feat alone. It was accompanied by its faithful owner. This bizarre ski competition for pet enthusiasts took place at Senmenaxia which is in the Henan province of China.
Skiing has become increasingly popular in China over the last few years, and some people thought that their pets should get in on the action as well. The competition rules specify that the owner has to place their animal on their ski or sled, or direct them by using a lead.  Bonus points were given to people who entered with more unusual pets. Apart from the tortoise and the rabbit, other competitors included a duck wearing a fetching red bowtie, a clucky rooster, and a variety of dogs, cats and chickens. One entrant had brought their goldfish but officials determined the race too risky for this particular individual as the fish’s bowl may break. We are guessing the owner was shattered.
Although competition was fierce, the tortoise, hitching a ride onto its owners board, finished in 3rd place! Apparently the rabbit was too keen on hopping around in the fresh snow to take the whole competition seriously. Honorary mention must go to the elegant duck that waddled across the finish line in last place. His determination to complete the race drew amazement and admiration from onlookers. Guess he had a quacker of a time in all!