Photo Credit: Cooper’s Moon via Compfight cc
Poaching is the illegal hunting and harvesting of animals for different reasons. Poaching is undertaken for different reasons but mainly for profit especially if the animal has valuable parts or is valuable in the market. There are those who carry out poaching to keep the animals as pets rather than acquiring the pet legally. Poachers have less concern on animal health and animal health care. Harmed animals end-up in bad conditions and poor animal health care treatment, leads to a radical decrease in animal populations. Poaching is a critical problem that affects the animals, the environment and the nation. It leads to economic instability, hence threatens economic opportunities such as tourism.
Poaching is illegal and it hurts the community, the nation and the environment by a large extent. For example, some animals like elephants, rhinos are highly poached due to their valuable parts. However, despite the reasons for poaching, it is important to understand that poaching harms the entire society and the animals. In most cases, animals attract tourists hence benefits by improving the economy, so when poaching is undertaken, animals reduce and could affect the economy greatly. Poaching also hurts the animals as they lack good health care services, for example, pets may have limited pet care services. Poaching is equally damaging and often lead to ecosystem imbalances of the natural relationships and deprivation of the natural environmental beauty. Since the animal populations are harmed, the whole ecosystem is also harmed including the vegetation, animals and plants.

Poaching leads to depletion of the natural resources. The animals are a source of natural beauty and are vital natural resources. Continued poaching leads to depletion of these valuable natural resources, it is difficult to breed these animals especially if their species is reducing to poaching. Poaching affects the animals and people’s health in different ways, for example, during poaching some animals are injured or hurt and thus may not acquire veterinary health care services on time or due to lack of information about harmed animals. Additionally Veterinary services may not help in terms of poaching especially if the animals are harmed or killed. Additionally, they could not offer much help in enhancing reproduction of these animals. It is important to conserve the animals, as their depletion is a great threat to the nations and the globe in a great deal.

Poaching is a problem that extends far than the popular view of saving the animal and enhancement of good animal life. We should be vigilant in curbing any poaching activities by all means. It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure conservation of our animals because unless we reverse the poaching trends, animal species will vanish within a short time. Those who acquire pets need to ensure legal assurance of these animals and promote veterinary services and petcare services to their pets. Many hunters are not aware of the legal designation of their activity, but hunting for pets or animals to trade is a black market and is poaching. Due to poaching, many animal species in different nations have been reducing drastically and some have become extinct. For example three if the nine species of tigers have become extinct over the last few decades.